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Work on COVID-19

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Members of the Prevention Policy Modeling Lab have been actively engaged in modeling and analysis for the COVID-19 response.

PPML members helped to establish the COVID-19 Statistics, Policy Modeling and Epidemiology Collective (C-SPEC). C-SPEC has developed several open-source models for forecasts, scenario analysis and hospital planning.

We have developed a simple interactive model to evaluate the potential impact of contact tracing programs in the context of loosened physical distancing measures.

Bayesian Nowcasting

PPML members Nick Menzies and Ted Cohen, with Melanie Chitwood, Marcus Russi and colleagues, have developed state-level real-time estimates of SARS-CoV2 transmission using a novel Bayesian nowcasting approach.

Modeling for California counties

PPML member Jeremy Goldhaber-Fiebert leads ongoing efforts in collaboration with the California Department of Public Health to develop models, forecasts and scenario analyses for all counties in California using the SC-COSMO simulation modeling framework.

Publications on COVID-19 co-authored by PPML members


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